On-Going, Bi-Weekly,90 minutes each. These include:

Grief Peer Support Group

Support GroupsThis group is open to adults 18 or older who have experienced the death of a spouse, parent, child, sibling or close friend, and provides a safe, supportive place to be with others who have experienced a similar loss. Whether it’s talking with other participants, using creative means to explore our grieving, or sharing other available resources, we offer a mix of opportunities to share your experiences. Our groups follow the “I pass” guideline, which means you choose when and how much you share. An initial consultation by phone or in person is required at no charge prior to registering.

Divorce/Separated Peer Support Group

Are you Divorced or separated? You don’t have to go through it alone! Whether it’s talking about your situation with other participants or sharing support and available resources, we offer a secure, non-judgmental place to find the strength and encouragement to move through this difficult time. We follow the “I pass” guideline, which means you choose when and how much to share. Bi-weekly topics include: denial/shock, grief, anger, depression, loneliness, self-worth, adaptation, financial survival, children and divorce, dating, forgiveness/ letting go, learning to love again.

Divorce is unique for each individual. The intensity and duration of this transition is different for each person. Within each of us is the capacity to heal, support helps in that process.

PTSD Peer Support Group

Healing from trauma can be an isolating, overwhelming and exhausting experience. Trying to understand the multitude of symptoms from flashbacks, dissociation, intrusive thoughts, memory issues, and organizational challenges is a journey no one should make alone. The emotional and physical isolation and struggles with shame can be a constant battle as we try to explain to others our daily experience. Well meaning friends and family are often frustrated and not able to understand why we can not move forward with our healing and coping. We will be exploring a variety of skills and coping strategies to help you live with the effects of trauma in a safe and supportive environment.

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